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About Sex Sells Theatre Group

Sex Sells Theatre Group consists of Brynhildur Karlsdóttir, Katrín Guðbjartsdóttir and Urður Bergsdóttir. They started working together through Hórmónar in 2015 and have since then been succesful musicians and theatre makers. 


Brynhildur Karlsdóttir

Brynhildur is a writer, director, choreographer and musician. She graduated with a BA in theatre and performance making from IUA in 2019. She also has a 10 year jazz dance background. Brynhildur published her book Bréf frá Bergstaðastræti 57 along with Adolf Smári in 2018. She is the singer of Kvikindi as well as Hórmónar. Brynhildur puts her artistic emphasis on psyche and thinking of the human being as well as being a radical punk rocker.

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Katrín Guðbjartsdóttir

Katrín is a director, playwright and stylist currently finishing her BA in theatre and performance making at IUA. Her latest works include a theatre piece called Sósjal (e. social) and working as a performance specialist for the startup company Showdeck. Her artistic emphasis is mostly within absurd-feminism and the frailness of human being. 


Urður Bergsdóttir

Urður is an actress who graduated with a BA in acting from IUA in 2021. She has acted both on stage and film and has among other projects had big roles in Jarðarförin mín and the netflix series Sense8. Urður is a political punk rock artist and uses her drive from that in her acting and theatre making.

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